Gibson Les Paul Classic T 2017 G6

Gibson Les Paul Classic T 2017 G6

  • Цвет: Green Ocean Burst
  • Конструкция: Цельнокорпусная со звуковыми камерами
  • Форма корпуса: Сингл кат
  • Число струн: шестиструнная
  • Конструкция грифа: Вклеен в корпус
  • Количество ладов: 22
  • Мензура: 24,75" (62,87 см)
  • Материал корпуса: Махагони
  • Дека: Figured Maple
  • Гриф: Махагони
  • Накладка грифа: Палисандр (розовое дерево)
  • Вкладыши грифа: Трпецевидные
  • Датчик: H-H (2 x Хамбакер)
  • Датчик грифа: Gibson '57 Classic
  • Нижний датчик: Gibson Super '57 Classic
  • Переключатель датчиков: 3 позиционный тумблер
  • Регуляторы: 2 х громкость, 2 х тон
  • Мостик/тремоло: Tune-O-Matic
  • Оборудование: Никель
  • Комплект поставки: кейс
  • Отличительные особенности: Pickup split function
  • Страна производства: США
~ 1.342 EUR
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Gibson Les Paul Classic T 2017 G6 · Электрогитара

The Return of the 60s Slim Taper Neck! The Classic series from Gibson brings the slimmer 60s neck back. The Gibson Classic series is located between the studio and the standard series and has the corresponding features of the same model from the 1990s.
New for 2017 however, all four knobs are designed as push/pull pots and so split the pickups or can switch out of phase. The HP models has an additional 5 X DIP switch in the electronics compartment. Here it can be set wether the pickups are split or tapped, or - if it is split - which is disconnected between the two coils of the humbucker. Furthermore, you also have the choice of whether you prefer to work with Treble Bleed, or prefers to send the signal completely unaffected to the output jack.

All 2017er core models from Gibson are optionally available as a high-performance version. In addition to the G-Force tuning system, these models are offered with Titanium nut and saddles. The necks are on the first fret about 1.3 mm wider, in addition they are provided with a zero fret and a FastAccess neck base for easier playing of the top frets as well as a very robust toggle switch.

Электрогитара · Gibson Les Paul Classic T 2017 G6

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